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Je m’excusebigstock-Trapped--2288952

Je m’excuse
Pour parler
Quand quel’qun
Pour lire
Pendent le
Pour faire
Le test de math
Pendent gramaire.

Comment je peux
Faire mieux:
Contact visuel,
Et faire
Les chose
Que je doit faire

I’m sorry

I’m sorry
For speaking
When someone
Is speaking,
For reading
During the
For doing
The math test
During grammar.

How I can
Do better:
Visual contact,
And doing
The things
I should be doing



You don’t need eyes to see

You see with your heart

That sentence has taught us all

One important important lesson

That vision comes

From the heart.

Remember the Soldiers

By Lucy Layton (7)

Remember the soldiers,
Who fought in the war,
Because they died for all of us
To have homes like we do now.
They made peace for all of us.
Most of them died in Flanders Field,
Where poppies grew.
So wear a poppy on November 11,
And remember the soldiers


The world is round

Space is big

Life isn’t fair

But if you go

Along with it

You’ll be happy.


A Day Of Remembrance

By Lucy Layton (10)

Come Out Of The Dark, Come Into The Light.

And Remember The Soldiers Who Fought With All Might.

A Day Of Remembrance The Day The Peace Came,

November 11th The Day It Began, Peace.

A Day Of Remembrance For Those Soldiers Who DIED.

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