Audacious, Gabrielle Prendergast! (My Mom!)


Sometimes I ride the dark

Like a deep blue wave to dawn

Sometimes in the dark

I drown.

Ella is all wrong. Her clothes, Her Body, Very wrong art. And that make everything complicated. The art does. At least. Nothing is easy. Not friends, not family, and NOT romance. But when she meets a boy named Samir in her art class, Romance becomes EVEN harder for Ella. Then when someone texts a photo of her art to a younger friend, her art becomes more dangerous than she could of imagined. But that’s not the only thing thats complicated. Her dad is absent, her sister fails school, and her mom ends up hospitalized. This year is going to be more difficult than any other.

I loved this book because my mom wrote it, for one, and because It is really different than any other book I’ve ever read! I really like how it’s written in verse (Poems), and how the world of Ella seems to really pop out at you. My favourite character was Samir, I would tell you why, but you’ll just have to read the book and see!

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(Content advisory; Mature themes ages 12+)