Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets


The second novel in the amazing Harry Potter series is started on a fabulous note with Harry wanting more than ever to get away from the Dursleys. Just as the summer is finishing up Harry is greeted by the house elf, Dobby who warns him that if Harry returns to Hogwarts disaster will strike. And strike it does. Starting off with an extreme encounter with a tree, unwanted attention from Ron’s sister Ginny, a new defence of the dark arts teacher, Gilderoy Lochart who, in my opinion, is not even qualified to be a wizard. But when students begin getting petrified, things just get darker. There are many suspicions on who is attacking the students including; Draco Malfoy, a possible heir of Slytherin, or perhaps Hagrid whose dark past is revealed, or maybe the person who the entire school suspects, Harry himself. But there could be an even stronger¬†force controlling the beast within The Chamber of Secrets.

I think this book is an amazing second part to Harry’s adventures because of all the action and adventure mixed in with the amazing writing.