Anne Of Green Gables Series, Review PART 2


Anne Of Windy Poplars

Anne is through college and now working and waiting for her fiancé, Gilbert Blythe, to be done his medical course at Redmond College. Anne is ready to take on the job as principal of Summerside Highschool. But although she is ready for challenges and prepared for them but… She might not be ready to take on The Pringle Family. Also known as the “Royals Of Summerside”. As she teaches they quickly let her see that she was not the person that they wanted. But as she takes refuge in a small room at Windy Poplars, Anne finds friendship with the “Widows” Aunt Chatty and Aunt Kate as well as their irrepressible housekeeper Rebecca Dew, and not to forget their neighbour little Elizabeth. With their help, Anne realizes that she will accomplish many things; winning over the Pringles will only be one of her many accomplishments.

This book was awesome because it really shows how Anne matures. And it also shows that Anne can really stand up for herself and accomplish many things.

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