The Frail Days, Gabrielle Prendergast

Dear Mum,

This book is awesome. I loved it so so much. Even if you weren’t my mother I would love it. Also, Happy Mothers Day.

Stella, Time to steal the stage.

Stella Wing wants to rock. Like really rock. Like, ROCK. But the problem is her band doesn’t have a singer. When she and the guys in her band, hear Tamara Donnelly sing the national anthem at a baseball game the boys are convinced she is right. But stella doesn’t know. When Tamara finally joins Stella wants to make her an rock queen. But Tamara isn’t so sure. Once Stella sees that Tamara is a rock queen on the inside, even if she dresses like a soccer mom, they begin to really rock.

This book shows that even if you are different, the challenges that you face, you can overcome with effort, time, and belief in your self.

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