The Belgian Twins, Lucy Fitch Perkins

The Belgian Twins is a tale of one pair of little twins in wide, dangerous world. Jan and Marie are separated from their parents when World War One begins. Their father joins the Belgian army and their mother is taken away by the Germans. When the twins are left alone they venture out to find their parents.

This book is inspired by the actual events in Belgium, of two Belgian children. I loved this book because of the truth in it. I was inspired because I realized that during WW1 many people lost their homes, their families, and their lives.

Here’s what Goodreads has to say;

This is the story of two little Belgian refugees and is based upon the actual experience of two Belgian children. Lucy Fitch Perkins’ Belgian Twins is set in a “sad hour of the world’s history.” Her focus in this book was on the people “who, throughout the struggle, have gone about their daily tasks with unfailing courage and cheerfulness, and by so doing have helped to carry the burdens of the world, and to sustain other hearts as heavy as their own.” The children of the 21st century will find these tales entertaining yet educational. Perkins’ content is educationally delightful. Hand a child any one of Perkins’ “Twins” books and you are not only giving that child “fun” you are also giving them learning thereby cultivating knowledge.

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