Someone Named Eva, A novel by Joan M. Wolf


What would you do if you were taken from your home in the middle of the night by Nazis? That’s what happens to Milada, 11 years old, fastest runner in her school in Czechoslovakia. That night her grandmother tells her to remember who she is, how could she forget? But when the Nazis take her to a Lebensborn center to become a pure German citizen, remembering who she is will be the hardest struggle of her life.

Here’s what Goodreads has to say;

In 1942, eleven-year-old Milada is taken from her home in Lidice, Czechoslovakia, along with other blond, blue-eyed children to a Lebensborn center in Poland. There she is trained to be a “proper German” for adoption by a German family, and all the while she struggles to remember her true identity.

I loved this book because it is based on true events of World War 2. And also I loved it because it is so sad yet happy in some parts.