The Golden Spell Cover

For Gabrielle

Who taught me to write.


I need a spell. Not just any spell. But a secret spell. I need a spell to reverse a curse. I need a pure of heart. I need the golden spell.

Chapter 1


As I enter the cabin I think, can I do this? Can I really reverse the curse? Is there even a way to?

When I step inside I am really surprised! The cabin is clean and very big! It looks much bigger on the inside then it did on the outside. I look around for Crabwitch . I swear she promised me that she would meet me in this cabin, and yet no Crabwitch. I don’t know if I should’ve trusted her. After all she is a witch.  Me, I’m kinda shady too I guess. Since I am a VAMPIRE. Yes. I am a VAMPIRE. But that’s not a big deal here in Parthal.  Well most of the time… Sometimes just because I’ma vampire they don’t let me in the hospital because they think I’ll drink someone’s blood! EWWWW! I only drink animal blood! I try to tell them but they just don’t listen!

I sit down on a chair when Crabwitch comes in. “Arabella, Welcome.” I think about yelling at her that she’s late, but then I catch myself. That would probably ruin my chances of getting her to help me. I’m on thin ice as it is. I didn’t do anything, she’s just really mean. “Hello, Um…” I really don’t know how to ask her to remove my VAMPIRE curse. “There is only one way to remove the curse.” It’s like she read my mind! “And what would that be?” I really hope it’s not too difficult, I’m kinda lazy. “You have to find someone pure of heart. You have to perform THE GOLDEN SPELL.” Ugh. It sounds hard! She babbles on for a bit, explaining THE GOLDEN SPELL. Then just as I am going to ask a question, She’s gone. POOF! Away as fast as she came. OMG! I can’t believe she just left me here to perform THE GOLDEN SPELL! OK, she did explain a bit. Let me figure this out: I have to find someone pure of heart and KILL them! I wonder if there is another way? Then a voice inside my head starts talking! “There is NO other way” It must be CRABWITCH! I start to get annoyed ! “CRABWITCH! COME OUT HERE YOU STINKING PIECE OF CRAP!” OK, maybe I have some anger management issues. But at least I’m not a cowardly piece of crap afraid to come out and talk properly to anybody!

OK, let’s think this over, I need to find someone pure of heart. That means a long walk probably. And while I’m at it I’ll clear up a few vampire myths:

Vampires can turn into bats. False, That really would be scary!

Vampires can’t be seen in photos or movies. True, Sadly

Vampires drink human blood.  False, only Dark Ones drink human blood. Although when we are INITIATED (Turned into vampires)  we drink one sip of human blood.

Vampires are cold to the touch. True, but only non – vamps (Fairies, Dryads ETC.) feel it.

Vampires are really cool! True, I Mean come on we live FOREVER!

And last a by far the WORST, Vampires burn in daylight. TRUE! I wish it was different but it’s not so I’ll have to travel at night.



SLEEPY!! Uggggggggggg… I hate walking! And running, and exercise in general. So walking all over the place to find a person pure of heart is TORTURE! I haven’t found anyone even remotely close to pure of heart yet. So i’m going to… THE SOUTH SIDE OF PARTHAL! That’s where I’ll probably find someone pure of heart. All the perfect people in Partial live there, it’s the rich side of the country.

I’m finally here. Where should I start? Maybe, the community centre. I walk inside and find myself swarmed with… DRYADS! Ugg, I HATE dryads. They’re loud, tiny and come in swarms! AND, they HATE vampires. I might just stay! (Just to annoy them) I look around and try anyone who looks pure of heart. I find someone who is dressed in pink and white, she might be pure of heart. I go up to her and talk a little bit “Hi! My name is Arabella, But you can call me Ella. She responds in a sweet voice so high pitched it ALMOST bursts my ear-drums! “Hello, I am Rose. Can I help you? I guess she could help me find my sister Holly, who could probably help me find someone pure of heart. Because this fairy is NOT pure of heart, only pure of VOICE! “Yes, um do you know where Holly Blackthorn is staying?” Again here comes the high pitched voice “ Oh, Holly, yes she is staying at the inn, next door.” I don’t know if I should say thank you, cause she nearly made me deaf. But I say thanks anyway, cause it’s polite. “Thanks! Maybe I’ll see you around!” I leave really quickly, so she doesn’t have another chance to speak. I run to the inn, because I’m in a rush to see my sister, it’s been two whole years since we say each other. I run in just as she’s leaving and we bump into each other, literally! “OMG! It’s you! ARABELLA BLACKTHORN WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?” I’ve been all over the place since we graduated high school two years back, so I don’t really know what to tell her. “Umm… All over the place, The dense forest, The high mountains, You know!” She looks REALLY surprised “Whoa, I really can’t imagine meeting YOU, HERE!” Well, me neither. I quickly explain my whole dilemma to her, but since she’s my twin, she would’ve gotten everything if I hadn’t explained. “ OK, I can’t talk for long my boat leaves in two hours, but go to the light forest and try and find someone there. I have to go now! BYE!”

Walking through the forest at night is not as scary as you might think. It’s actually peaceful and quiet. I’m walking through the forest and I sit down on a log. Just as I’m about to fall asleep, a little human girl walks by me and says “Are you okay? I can-“ I interrupt her before she says anything else. “ No that’s OK. But are you sure you’re OK?” She looks at me with sad eyes. “No, I’m not OK. I can’t find my cabin. I was out picking flowers when the sun started to set, I ran in the direction that I thought my cabin was in but I think that I ran in the opposite direction. Could you say with me until sunrise? It’s almost dawn.” I know I can’t but then I realize, She is the pure of heart and I also realize that the golden spell does not free you from being a vampire. The golden spell allows you to die saving a pure of heart. “Umm… what is your name little girl?” She looks up at me “Daisy.” “My name is Ella.” I say, Just then a wolf, bigger than any wolf I’ve ever seen jumps out and goes for Daisy! “AHHHHHH!” The sun is rising and maybe she can see her cabin now! “Daisy!” I yell while fighting the wolf “Can you see your home?” I can hear the fear in her voice “Yes!” I can also hear the fear in MY voice “Then GO!” But she does something incredibly brave, she stays exactly where she is and watches as I kill the wolf. But then the sun rises, and I start to burn. I touch her with my burning hand and… Glamour her. I make her forget me so she doesn’t have to live with the sight of me burning.



Hello, My name is Daisy, I can sometimes remember the night I spent in the forest with the vampire. I can get flashes of memory, A figure red with fire, A wolf, A girl on a log. Never whole memories only half of them. It’s like Ella is giving me those memories back as I get older. After 50 years of half memories, One night as I climb into bed, I get a full memory. The feeling of her burning skin touching mine as she glamours me.

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