I know today isn’t MARVELLOUS MIDDLE GRADE MODAY but I wanted to review this middle grade book and I forgot to do it yesterday so I’m doing it today!!

The Unwanteds is about this place called QUILL where everything is exactly the same. Every year all 13 year olds go to the PURGE where they are separated into 3 groups; WANTEDS, NECESSARIES and UNWANTEDS. The WANTEDS go to university. The NECESSARIES go to work on the farms ETC.

And the UNWANTEDS are killed because of their creativity. Or so everybody thinks.

This book begins on the day of the purge for twins AARON and ALEX.

Alex tries hard to be calm when his name is picked as an unwanted which means he will leave his brother behind as he is WANTED and ALEX will have to be killed.

When ALEX reaches the DEATH FARM he realizes he will not die.

He realizes that he will be be sent to ARTIME magical, creative and exciting place that a magician named MR.TODAY has created.

In ARTIME all boys and girls are taught to practice their creative abilities and create magic.

ALEX loves ARTIME and all of its magic but AARON finds ARTIME and a threat is arising from QUILL and if ARTIME is found out everyone will be in danger.

I thought this book was exciting and epic as well as magical and scary.

My favourite character was Lani Because she is only 12 When she goes to the purge and she is very brave.

My favourite scene was the battle scene because the was lots of magic and EPICNESS. : )

I think this book would appeal to people who read and loved the HUNGER GAMES and HARRY POTTER.


  1. My students utterly adore this series, mainly because a 5th grade teacher reads it to her classes. I’m not a huge fantasy fan, but I make sure I have the new books for my students!

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