VerseDay! Interview with Sharon Creech about LOVE THAT DOG and HATE THAT CAT


Love That Dog by Sharon Creech		Booksylvania: What inspired you to start writing in verse?

Sharon Creech: I’ve always written both verse and prose, ever since I was very young, so both forms feel natural to me. The voice of each book arrives in its own special way: sometimes it is verse, and sometimes prose. The verse novels seem to be best for stories with a tight focus and for those that feel like ‘songs’, with a distinctive rhythm.

B:Which do you prefer, cats or dogs? And why?

SC: I love both cats and dogs, but I’m very allergic to cats so I’m not able to live with any. Hate That Cat by Sharon Creech

B: My mom says that LOVE THAT DOG and HATE THAT CAT are particularly appealing to boys. What kind of letters do you get from boy readers?

SC:  The letters from boys are similar to those from girls, although perhaps boys more often comment on loving the funny bits in the books. Boys tend not to like the kissing/smoochie bits.

B: Who inspired you to write LOVE THAT DOG?

SC: I think there’s a good explanation for that on my website (click on Books/Novels/Love That Dog). (B: I looked it up, and it was inspired by Walter Dean Myers’ poem Love That Boy)

B: What are you working on now? Will you write more books in verse?

The Boy On The PorchSC: I’ve recently finished a novel, THE BOY ON THE PORCH, that will be published in September.  I’d love to write another book in verse — maybe that will be next.

B: Yay! We can’t wait, either way. Thanks so much for answering my questions.

Sharon’s other books include THE GREAT UNEXPECTED, HEARTBEAT and Newbery Winner WALK TWO MOONS. 



I’m sorry, I haven’t posted in a while but I have been reading these books called Warriors. Now I’m going to tell you about the first series. There are a lot of series. Here’s a list of books in the first series:

Into the Wild (Warriors, #1) 

Fire and Ice (Warriors, #2)

Forest of Secrets (Warriors, #3)

Rising Storm (Warriors, #4)

A Dangerous Path (Warriors, #5)

The Darkest Hour (Warriors, #6)

These books are all about cats. All the characters are cats. I’ve read all the series and I’d give them 5/5 stars. They are adventure/fantasy. They can be funny like when they say “You’re a mouse-brain!”, scary like when foxes come(foxes and badgers are the cats’ enemies) and sad at times, when cats die.

The main characters in the series: Firepaw/Fireheart, Graypaw/Graystripe, Ravenpaw, Sandpaw/Sandstorm and Dustpaw/Dustpelt. All the cats have this kind of name. If you have “paw” at the end of you’re name you’re an apprentice. If you have something else at the end of your name you are a…WARRIOR!

I hope you liked this post and I hope you read the series.